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"Very engaging" are the words that come to mind when I think about Sandra.  Sandra would be a true asset for any organization requiring a professional speaker to engage an audience on leadership and the coaching culture.”  

“Sandra speaks with authenticity and heart, and her words are helping people better understand the art, and the science of leadership. Her engaging and down to earth style makes Sandra an excellent facilitator and speaker, and her wealth of knowledge in the fields of Marketing, HR, Leadership, and Neuroscience bring a breadth of knowledge to any presentation.”

“Sandra creates an environment that will meet and exceed your expectations.  With engaging, fast-paced content combined with an energetic and knowledgeable personality, you will leave an enriched and more effective leader.”  


Sandra is the founder of the eLeadership Academy, an online learning experience designed to change the way teams and individuals approach leadership growth.


The eLeadership Academy offers two turnkey solutions to increase leadership and coaching capacity. Recommended by 100% of past participants, these programs have proven effective for leadership development at all levels—from emerging leaders to CEOs—while leveraging the benefits of web-based, faculty-led training. Designed to fit individuals or any size organization, the eLeadership Academy can help you and your team reach the next level of effectiveness, productivity, and leadership growth.

My Book  - The Brain and Leadership

The majority of people in North America are disengaged from their work. Why? In Sandra's book, you'll gain valuable insight into why most leadership practices and work environments are not conducive to thinking and engagement.

Through the course of Sandra's studies in the field of neurosleadership, she discovered an ironic truth: that our mothers were even wiser than we thought! Your Mother Was Right will demonstrate how many of the most common pitfalls of brain function can be overcome simply by following mom's advice. Integrating truths straight from your mother's rule book, Sandra will show you how many of the lessons that your mother shared were legitimately rooted in neuroscience even if she didn't know it at the time!


This book is intended for leaders who want to understand how to lead themselves and others with the brain in mind in order to optimize engagement and performance. Expect Your Mother Was Right to be an easy to read, relatable, and memorable experience that will support your ability to lead self and others more effectively and illustrate that your mother had the answers all along.




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